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2013 ICPA State Conference Photo Competition

Geographically isolated students from around Western Australia were invited to enter the ICPA Photo Competition 'Dramatic or Spectacular'. Photos were to be taken by the students in their home enviroment. Once again Kalgoorlie School of the Air students entered work of a very high quality. Wel done to all!

Winning entries from KalSOTA were:


Hannah (Year 4) - First in her category



Riley (Year 6) - First in his category



Sena (Year 7) - Second in her category





































2012 ICPA State Conference Art Competition

Geographically isolated students from around Western Australia entered into a Art Competition and their work was displayed and judged at the State Conference in Perth.

 Well done to all our young artists and a big thank you to Mrs McQuie for co-ordinating this activity during Home Tutor Seminar for the Kalgoorlie SOTA. All the artwork was of a high standard!

 I am very proud to share with you that we had two winners in the 8 years and under category!

 Congratulations to:

People’s choice – 1st place: Hannah

Judges choice –   2nd place: Caitlin

 Our KalSOTA teachers' choice went to Sophie.

Peoples' Choice



Judges' Choice



Teachers' Choice







































2012 Kaz Collins School of the Air and Rangelands NRM Photo Competition

Entries taken by students from the 5 SOTAs in WA were forwarded to the organisers of the competition to decide on the winners in the various categories.

Well done to all our students who entered. There were some absolutely fantastic scenic photos which took my breath away, some very creative photos and some which made me smile with the humour displayed. I did not envy the judges their task!

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to see all our student’s entries.

And the winners were....

First Overall Winner:

Jessica (Year 6) - Eucla jetty


















Middle Primary Winners:

First: Riley (Year 5) - Car in tree
















Second: Georgie (Year 5) Turtle
















Upper Primary Winners:

Third: Taylor (Year 6) Swim hole


















Highly Commended Lower Primary:

Amber (Year 2) Eucla
















Highly Commended Middle Primary:

Riley (Year 5) Boots













Sophie (Year 5) Sheep Station



Sophie (Year 5 ) Beach






























Highly Commended Upper Primary:

Sena (Year 6) Station Landscape



Laticia (Year 7 ) Canola Fields



Laticia (Year 7 ) Dad



Taylor (Year 6) Shearing shed



















































Congratualtions to all!