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Welcome to the Support Teacher of Learning (STL) Page
 The Schools of the Air in Western Australia have one Support Teacher of Learning (STL) located in each of the schools (Kalgoorlie, Meekatharra, Carnarvon, Derby and Port Hedland). The STL is an integral part of the teaching and learning team at Kalgoorlie School of the Air. Teachers consult with the STL as to ways of improving programmes, processes and solving problems regarding the support and development of programmes for individual students. The STL attends all camps and accompanies teachers on home visits as required. The STL may visit families unaccompanied if there is a need. The STL also supports the school and the principal in data collection and analysis as required. A major aspect of the STL role is to plan for and work with the students at educational risk, their teachers and home tutors.
  I work side-by-side with teachers, home tutors, parents, students and other inter-agencies to determine a process for establishing educational outcomes for all students.  This involves realistic planning that is uncomplicated and easily understood by everyone involved. 
This planning process and open communication forms the basis of the teaching and learning program for each individual child.  The needs of everyone are considered and addressed.  By working as a collaborative team we can allow for different starting points and pathways to learning and adopt strategies to accommodate learning styles of individuals. We aim to determine the achievement of outcomes by:
  • Determining the individual child’s stage of development
  • Recognising that learning is a developmental continuum and each child will achieve identified outcomes in different but equally meaningful ways.
Please contact Adrian at school for any further information.
Phone:  90932728