Our School - Muster Camp


Year 4 – 7 students attend an annual nine day Muster Camp in Perth at the end of the school year. This event is a highlight on the school’s calendar as all five Schools of the Air in Western Australia are part of this event. The focus is on inter school socialisation and collaboration and the Inter School Sports Carnival. There are also a range of exciting excursions and night activities including a disco night and talent show. For the Year 6 & 7 students there is a graduation dinner at a local restaurant.
Students: $300.00 per student  as well as $40.00 pocket money per student.
Muster Camp Highlights 2013 - go to the Power Point link below to view
Muster Camp 2013
Forms to be completed / further information found below
  • Muster Medical Form
  • Muster Consent Form
  • Media Permission Form
  • Movie Consent Form
  • Muster Camp Clothing List