Our School - Enrolment and Eligibility


Eligibility - Kindergarten students:
Students may enrol in the year they turn four if they cannot get to another centre because
  • They are isolated
  • A long bus travel would be involved
  • Disability precludes them from attending another centre.
  • Centers at other schools are full.
  • Other circumstances discussed with and agreed upon by the Principal
Eligibility - PrePrimary to Year 7 students
  • Remote and / or isolated students
  • Children of itinerate workers within the Goldfields Esperance region.
  • Students, who for health reasons, are unable to attend school.
  • Students from Remote Community Schools where academic needs cannot be adequately addressed. In the case of such enrolments, the parents must be prepared to supervise the program.
  • Students who are travelling within Australia.
  • Student who for various other reasons wish to make an application to enrol with a School of the Air. These applications must be approved by the Principal.
  • Minimum enrolment period is one semester, or two school terms.
To find out in further detail if you are eligible for enrolment with Kalgoorlie School of the Air, please contact the Principal.
Enrolment procedure
If students are eligible and Parents/ Carers/ Guardians wish to enrol students, they can telephone the school or send in an Application For Enrolment. Once this is received the school will contact you. You will be required to visit the school, in person, and complete appropriate enrolment forms, meet teachers, discuss the program and collect start up materials.
Any variation of this procedure is at the discretion of the Principal.