Curriculum - Pre Kindergarten Programme

Kalgoorlie School of the Air offers a Pre-Kindy Programme for the wider community, which we introduced in 2011 and is already well established within the community. The programme provides an invaluable educational opportunity for pre-kindergarten children and their parents.

The focus is on interactive story-telling, play and art sessions, which allow the children to interact with their peers, a teacher and at the same time also familiarise themselves with the CENTRA platform which will be the learning vehicle they will to start use as from kindergarten.

The program also offers an opportunity for parents to interact with their child and the early childhood education teacher whom they may otherwise not have access to. The teacher incorporates strategies to develop children's thinking and language skills that can easily be implemented and continued at home with the parent.

We view the benefits as invaluable. Research has shown that supporting children in their early years greatly increases the chances of better learning and life outcomes through the development of fundamental learning skills. This year, the Play Group meet on air on a Friday for 20 minutes.

If you would like more information on this group or would like your child to join, please contact the principal.